Bella Tunno

Bella Tunno

The Story

Bella Tunno began in 2005 as a passion project when Michelle was looking to launch a charitable fund with hopes of helping vulnerable kids. She was pregnant with her first baby and started sewing bibs and burp cloths from her home. From the very first sale, donations were made to kids in need.

Over the past 16 years, Bella Tunno has grown from its humble beginnings, but we’ve never forgotten our mission to help change children’s lives.

The Team

We are a small, close-knit team of women and moms. We love kids. We want the best for them. Our own included. We know that parenting is the best hard job you’ll ever have.

We create products to make parenting easier, more fun and more meaningful because we offer great products with an even greater purpose.

The Products

We task ourselves daily with creating products we wish-we-had that make us laugh. We aim to start a conversation – both about the personality-filled sayings on our products and about child hunger. Above all, we understand the importance of safety. We would never release a product that we wouldn’t want our own children to use. All of our products are 100% CPSIA compliant – that’s code for safe.

Happy Snacker
Happy Links
Wonder Plate
Wonder Bib Why You Jealous
Wonder Bib This Face Tho
Wonder Bib Alexa
Wonder Bib Stud Muffin
Teething Flashcards
Bubbi Pacifiers
Silicone Pacifier Clip
Wonder Bowl