What is "Made in NC?"

What is "Made in NC?"

How Do We Define Made in NC?

What criteria do we use to determine if a product is Made in NC? Some products are easy. They were developed in NC, are manufactured in NC, and are sold in NC. But, some products are more complex. We ask ourselves a few simple questions. Does it support NC jobs? Was it created by a North Carolinian? Are North Carolinians involved in the manufacturing or building of the product? Then it is Made in NC!

For example, if an idea was developed in NC with an NC resident sitting at their kitchen table with their neighbor or their grandmother or their kids, then it is Made in NC even if the product is manufactured elsewhere.

If a business is based in North Carolina, ships out of North Carolina, or is manufactured in North Carolina but the concept was born elsewhere, we still consider it Made in NC!

Do you know of a product that meets our criteria that you think we should feature? Let us know!