Heath's Cheese Straws Spicy - Ritchie Hill Bakery

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Heath's spicy, baked cheese straws have a little extra kick. Heath's Spicy Cheese Straws are known for the same wonderfully soft, tender-crisp texture and bold cheddar cheese flavor as our original-recipe baked cheese straws ... but with a little extra heat thrown in for good measure. They're a favorite of many a Ritchie at family gatherings. (Aunt Margaret really knew how to crank up the spice anytime she made them.)

Savory baked cheese straws are that perfect Southern snack. Heath's Spicy Cheese Straws' savory heat makes them a perfect snack for tailgating and picnicking paired with a crisp pale ale or coke. They add a savory Southern flair to gift baskets and new neighbor gifts.

Size: 5.5 oz., and 9 oz. 

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