Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 8 oz. - Carolina Gold

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This is our 100% Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed & Unrefined Sunflower Oil. We control the complete process, from "Soil to Oil" as we like to say! We raise the sunflowers on our farm in NC, press and hand bottle it on the farm as well. All of the sunflowers we raise are high in Oleic Acid. Gluten free & non-GMO as well. Our cold pressed sunflower oil has about HALF the saturated fat as Olive Oil, and is a great source of vitamin E. It is filtered down to 1 micron for a beautiful and clean cooking oil. Our oils have a 2 year shelf life. Great for cooking and cosmetic use as well. Our Sunflower oil has a light smoke point of 380 degrees. Great for Sautéing, bread dipping, frying, oil pulling, cosmetic use, and a overall replacement for olive oil & butter. We hope you enjoy our hand crafted product and please leave us a review!

Size: 8 oz.

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin sunflower oil.

Made in a facility that processes nuts.