Butterfields Candy

Butterfields Candy has been making the Original Peach Buds for almost 100 years, since 1924. We know you want to be a creator of sweet moments and wonderful memories. We believe everyone deserves to have sweet moments which is why for 100 years, we've has been handcrafting hard candies made to sweeten any moment. For us, Butterfields is more than just candy. It is bringing people together. It provides sweet relief at the end of a long day or in the midst of a hard time. Butterfields Candies make everyone smile, from grandparents, to wedding guests, to loved ones in the hospital, even a man who appears to have everything..Warren Buffet.

That is why my family and I decided to keep this legacy alive. The recipe has not changed in 100 yrs. All of our candies are made using Natural, simple ingredients you can understand and pronounce. Each of our subtly sweet buds is bursting with real fruit flavor and handcrafted with love by master confectioners in small-town, Nashville, North Carolina. When someone tries the candy for the first time, they say, "Oh Wow, tastes like eating a fresh peach!"

Butterfields Candy isn't just your grandma's hard candy - Butterfields has been enjoyed by many, including being featured as Rachel Ray's "snack of the day"! So, what do you say, grab a bag of Butterfields Candy or send one to a friend and make someone smile today. However you choose to enjoy Butterfields, you can relax and indulge, knowing you are enjoying a treat made with love.