Two Brothers Jerky

Two Brothers Jerky

This is a story of two brothers, born a year apart in the mid 1960s, gracefully given up for adoption by their young mother. Raised in neighboring states, North Carolina and  South Carolina, both had wonderful childhoods with loving families and developed a very similar outlook on life, even the same values and mannerisms, without knowing the other existed.

Both brothers attended state universities and graduated with the same majors. Both went on to start families, and eventually open up successful restaurants, 250 miles apart in their respective adopted hometowns.

Eventually, fate had their paths cross again and they found each other, as well as their wonderful biological mother and a large extended family. Vacations, holidays and celebrations followed, bringing three families together into one.

On a family trip to the lake in July 2010, the brothers discovered two other shared interests, an entrepreneurial spirit and the love of tasty beef jerky. Using an old family recipe, Two Brothers Jerky was born; what many of our fans consider to be some of the best beef jerky they've ever had.

We at Two Brothers Jerky are proud to present our three flavors to the world: 

  • Bull City Original, which captures the vibrancy and smoky flavor of Durham, North Carolina.
  • Famously Hot, which gives the kick of a spicy summer night in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Sweet Ginger Teriyaki which loads up the ginger for a one of a kind taste sensation.

Two Brothers Jerky features North Carolina grass fed, grass finished beef, and is handcrafted in small batches. Our jerky is carefully made to ensure the flavors of the family recipe remain true. We do not use nitrates and our jerky contains only nature's preservatives.

We invite you to try all of our varieties and share our jerky with your friends and family.

Experience how the love of good things can bring you closer to the ones you love.

Thank you,
Paul Brock and Eddie Wales

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