My name is Judit Beres, and I am the mom of three beautiful kids. I started Neomega Nutritionals because of my strong passion for clean and healthy food. I left my career of 10 years in clinical research and decided to create innovative, healthy food instead. This decision was fueled by the need to eat healthier for my family, and by the need, I saw in our food system for more healthy and clean food options.

We eat a clean, varied whole-food, non-restrictive diet. And it is what I want to bring to you as well: clean, flavorful, healthy oils and easy to make recipes using whole ingredients!

I started this company because I strongly believe that we need to change the way we eat and think about food! Food is not just nourishment. It is much more than that! It is information to our cells and medicine to our bodies, granted we choose the right ones! It is also a way to support our environment, nourish the soil, and create a sustainable living cycle.


  • Zita, production manager. She makes sure all our production goes smoothly and made to the highest quality standards.
  • Barbara goes to marketing events. She introduces our products at markets and events in our area. 
  • Judit, founder, does a little bit of everything. She is responsible for product development and general direction of the ship. 
  • Olga uses her research skills to keep track of current market trends, new product development research and keep an eye out what is happening in the big wide sea of natural health products. 

We care about our own health, the health of our kids and the future of our planet! 

We use our oils to cook for our families and friends and bring joy to healthy eating!  Come, join us!

Avocado Oil Sampler Set
Garlic Avocado Oil 8.5 oz.
Rosemary Avocado Oil 8.5 oz.
Ginger Turmeric Orange Avocado Oil 8.5 oz.
Chili Pepper Avocado Oil 8.5 oz.
Avocado Oil 17 oz.