Sipping Chocolate Chai - French Broad Chocolate

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Crafted with the mind-blasting Chai Masala spice blend from our fellow Asheville makers at Spicewalla, our Chai Masala Milk Sipping Chocolate marries our creamy brown butter milk chocolate with black tea and warming spices.

Made with the finest direct-trade cacao, organic sugar, and natural ingredients, our pure, delicious sipping chocolates aren't to be confused with mass-produced hot cocoa and are the foundation of our famous Liquid Truffle! Each 6 oz. jar includes recipes for hot chocolate and our Liquid Truffle on the back.

Size: 6 oz. 

Ingredients: Sugar*, Cacao, Cacao Butter*, Non-Fat Dry Milk*, Butter (Milk)*, Spices, Tea
* organic

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