Carib-B-Q Medium Sauce 12 oz. - Pluto's

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Pluto's Cari-B-Q is not a tomato or a vinegar based B-B-Q sauce. It is the only herbs and spices  based Bar-B-Q sauce on the market. This All-Natural Authentic Jamaican creation, has absolutely no artificial flavors preservatives or additives. No fructose, no corn syrup, no MSG, no GMO, no dairy,  no tomatoes. It is gluten free, fat free and is 100% vegan. Try this award-winning sauce on crackers, chips, bread, rice and beans, tofu, veggies, boiled sweet or regular potatoes, meats, seafoods.  Pour it directly on all your favorite foods, or use it for marinating, grilling, roasting, broiling, tossing, dipping, or simply sip it. It is literally the SAUCE YOU CAN Drrrrrink! GMO Free. No MSG or artificial ingredients. Gluten Free, Fat Free.

Ingredients: Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Onion Flakes, Chili Peppers, Organic Jalapeno Pepper, Ginger Puree, Jamaican Herbs and Spices, Tamarind, Xathan Gum, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Liquid Smoke Flavor, Vanilla Extract.

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