Tastin' Jamaican

Tastin' Jamaican

Tastin’ Jamaican was born in 2012 through what some would call a mistake, but we look at mistakes as opportunities.

For about five years, we made salsa with the extra tomatoes from our garden because we didn’t want them to be wasted. We took the salsa to church functions, gave it away as gifts, and served it at parties. People told us how good it was and suggested that we sell it. We agreed that it would probably sell, but didn’t move on the idea until a “mistake” was made.

A local business expressed an interest in finding some hot salsa, so we invited them to try ours. After trying it, they wanted more almost immediately. After ordering it several times, they wanted a price for 60 jars! We got excited and MADE 60 jars instead of just giving the price. Upon delivery of the salsa, they politely said, “We didn’t order the salsa, we just wanted the price.” What would we do with 60 jars of really hot salsa?  “We're going to sell it!” We advertised it on Facebook as the “best tastin’ salsa in town, different from anything you can buy in the store.” Soon, we were getting requests for mild and medium as well.

Two months and 300 jars of salsa later … voila! … the birth of Tastin’ Jamaican.

We put the flavors of Jamaican jerk into a salsa to form a recipe that gives you a taste of the Caribbean without leaving your home! Our handcrafted, gourmet salsa is made with mangos, a touch of brown sugar, a hint of hickory smoke, and just enough lime to give it a unique Caribbean flavor unmatched by traditional commercially made salsas.  Fresh peppers, onions, and seasonal fruits are chosen from local businesses, farms, and farmer’s markets with no additives or preservatives. It’s naturally gluten free and so refreshingly good that even children have given us the thumbs up.

Give it a try...  Just one taste of this award winning salsa and you're hooked!

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