Artisan Tropic

A Family Story.  A Family Business

The Guzmans moved to Charlotte, NC 24 years ago (1994), having Entrepreneurial Spirits and Dreams.  9 Years ago (2012), Maca was diagnosed with an autoimmunity.  After the Guzmans exhausted medical options and ended up trying a holistic approach, they became passionate about food and nutrition.  They used that passion as the vision for starting a healthy snack brand called Artisan Tropic.

Being Colombian, they wanted to innovate the most delicious Plantain and Cassava Snacks, with a sharp focus on whole and clean ingredients.  What began as a Health Issue became a Passion and then evolved into a business…. and a love story.  Last year, Maca married Jose Agudelo, the Plantain Farmer’s Son!  So now, everything, From Farm to Snack, is truly in the family!